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Folio Poster Series

Presentation of research results as large format posters.

The publications listed here are available for purchase on the Webshop. Please contact us if you have any enquiries in this regard.

The advantages of this format is bold and colourful display, rapid dissemination, and low cost. Each publication will generally have a small initial print run and be re-printed on demand. Subsequent versions will be printed to incorporate revisions.Posters are printed on ink-jet plotters. Some posters will have an accompanying loose leaf ring-bound text . The posters are sold in folded form, housed in ring bound plastic sleeves. Additional unfolded copies are available on request, at varying prices. 

 Four inaugural folio series publications have been produced.

(F1) Cretaceous to Recent Sedimentary Patterns in New Zealand

P.R. King, T.R. Naish, G.H. Browne, B.D. Field, S.W. Edbrooke (compilers), 1999. 34 p, 38 A4 and A3 chronostratigraphic transects, 1 poster 1780 x 820 mm.
Price: $49.95 


A synthesis of two decades of integrated analysis of New Zealand’s Cretaceous-Cenozoic sedimentary record, calibrated to the latest available chronostratigraphic framework. Depositional successions within sedimentary basins or regions are depicted on thirty-nine transects constructed from sections measured at various outcrop localities, in stratigraphic drillholes, or in petroleum exploration wells (including offshore wells). Regional facies patterns, depositional cycles, and breaks in the stratigraphic record are documented, and local and global factors controlling depositional events are considered. These features are summarised on a coloured poster. Relationships between broad stratigraphic trends and regional hydrocarbon prospectivity are also noted.

(F2) The High-resolution, Chronostratigraphic and Sequence Stratigraphic Record of the Plio-Pliestocene, Wanganui Basin, New Zealand.
R.M. Carter, T.R. Naish (editors), 1999. Institute of Geological & Nuclear Sciences folio series 2. 2 posters A1 size.
Price: $40.00 


A summary of the high-resolution chronology and sequence stratigraphy of the shallow-marine Plio-Pleistocene sedimentary record in Wanganui Basin, New Zealand. This key Southern Hemisphere reference succession contains a complete sedimentary record of orbitally-driven global climate and sea-level change for at least the last 2.5 Ma. Stratal correlations and cyclostratigraphy are well-constrained, with age control provided by radiometric dating of interbedded tephras, paleomagnetic polarity measurements, and biostratigraphy.
 Poster 1, A shallow-marine glacio-eustatic cyclostratigraphy for the last 2.5 Ma, Wanganui Basin, New Zealand. A sequence stratigraphic interpretation for 6 sections on an east-west transect across the basin. Representative statal motifs for transgressive, highstand, and regressive systems tracts are illustrated. Forty-seven identified sedimentary cycles are matched with 100 ka-duration (eccentricity), and 41 ka-duration (obliquity) cycles on the global oxygen isotope sea-level curve.
Poster 2, A high-resolution chronology for the Plio-Pleistocene Wanganui Basin, New Zealand. This poster illustrates the Wanganui basin sedimentary record for the last 3.6 million years. The calibration of 116 stratigraphic horizons to astronomical (Milankovitch) cycles, and the global oxygen isotope sea-level curve, results in an integrated high-resolution chronostratigraphic framework, against which local New Zealand Plio-Pleistocene bio-events and stage boundary stratotypes can be accurately dated.

(F3) Fiordland Offshore Geology: Integrated Swath Mapping and Geophysics


G. Cutress, R.H. Herzer, R. Wood, J. Delteil, J-F. Lebrun, and the GEODYNZ Team, 1999. One poster c.A0 size.
Price: $35.00 

GEODYNZ is a joint France-New Zealand swath mapping programme carried out in 1993 to examine the evolution and geodynamics of the plate boundary through the New Zealand region. This poster incorporates swath mapping data for Fiordland with interpretation of seismic data and a deep crustal seismic survey carried out by GNS in 1996 and presents a revised tectonic model.

(F4) Mantle melting beneath New Zealand revealed by helium isotopes in gas discharges

L. Hoke, R. Sutherland, 1999. One poster c.A0 size.
Price: $35.00 

1:2,000,000 scale map showing the component of mantle-derived helium in gases collected from boreholes and natural springs. The map reveals areas where Holocene melting of the upper mantle is likely to have occurred, probably associated with basaltic or andesitic additions to the crust. The map is linked to a digital GNS database, that contains all relevant analytical data. The data were collected and analysed by various people over a significant period of time, and it includes the pioneering work by Werner Giggenbach.