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Mineral Resources of New Zealand

GNS Science Minerals Databases consist of three digital datasets (viewed using MinMap) and a library collection of mining company exploration reports.


The Geological Resource Map of New Zealand is an inventory of more than 10,000 sites for mineral, rock aggregate, building stone, coal, oil, gas, thermal water, and cold-water spring occurrences, with information on their location, geology, geochemistry, exploration, production and use. The datasets are published as a 1:125 000 map series and accompanying reports.


A compilation of Regional stream-sediment geochemical analyses from open-file mining company reports, with more than 6000 sites and 30,000 elemental analyses.

Coal Drillholes

A compilation of drillhole data from Coal operations and exploration.

Mining Company Report Library

More than 2000 open-file mineral exploration reports submitted under the Mining Act 1971.

Contact: Tony Christie