GNS Science earthquake audio

National radio hosts many interviews with GNS Science staff. Here are a few relating to the Canterbury earthquake.

GNS Science on recent aftershocks in Canterbury (duration: 2′43″)
Scientists are describing last night's spate of aftershocks in Canterbury as the worst of the past few days.Audio from Checkpoint on 16 Sep 2010

Chances of magnitude aftershock hitting rapidly decreasing (duration: 2′54″)
Two earthquake scientists say the chance of a magnitude six aftershock hitting the Canterbury region is decreasing day by day and is now unlikely. A Victoria University professor in geophysics and a GNS seismologist have put into perspective the weekend's devastating earthquake at a lecture in Wellington.
Audio from Checkpoint on 10 Sep 2010

Aftershocks will rumble on for weeks says GNS (duration: 4′59″)
GNS science is describing the pattern of after shocks as 'text book' - and warns another massive shake is more than likely.
Audio from Morning Report on 09 Sep 2010

Canterbury aftershocks (duration: 13′28″)
We talk to some of the key people involved in managing the Canterbury quake, including Kelvin Berryman from GNS and civil defence manager John Mitchell.
Audio from Nine To Noon on 08 Sep 2010

Canterbury earthquake aftermath (duration: 14′04″)
With Kelvin Berryman - Natural Hazards manager at GNS and Carol Ball - Red Cross Area Manager for Canterbury.
Audio from Nine To Noon on 07 Sep 2010

Warwick Smith (duration: 5′49″)
Senior Seismologist at GNS Science comments on this morning's earthquake in Canterbury.
Audio from Saturday Morning on 04 Sep 2010