Project outputs for the National Seismic Hazard Model revision programme

Outputs from the current NSHM revision work (2020-22)

  • Gerstenberger MC, Van Houtte C, Abbott ER, Van Dissen RJ, Kaiser AE, Bradley B, Nicol A, Rhoades DA, Stirling MW, Thingbaijam KKS, NSHM Team. 2020. New Zealand National Seismic Hazard Model framework plan.  Lower Hutt (NZ): GNS Science. 25p (GNS Science report; 2020/38). doi:10.21420/NB8W-GA79
    Presents the major components of work that the NSHM team will be undertaking over the next two years (2020-22) to deliver the revised model by August 2022.