QMAP Image Data Support Downloads



Known Issues

Windows 7
Some of the menus used to navigate the image data DVDs do not work correctly under Windows 7. This prevents the button being used to open the PDF of the text. This can be accessed directly by browsing to the QMAP folder on the DVD and double-clicking the text.pdf file.

LizardTech ExpressViewer or GeoViewer
If you install LizardTech ExpressViewer or GeoViewer and cannot view the MrSid images using the button on the menu it will be necessary for you to associate the MrSid image file with the software.

To do this browse to map.sid file which can be found in the QMAP\mrsid_images\hi_res folder on the DVD, right-click the map.sid file, select Open with, select GeoViewer or if you installed ExpressView select your Web Browser, make sure the Always use the selected program to open this kind of file box is ticked and press OK.