Resource Maps and Datasets

We can identify mineral, groundwater and other resource potential based on geological map information. We work closely with minerals science and groundwater research and applied projects.

Example: Mesothermal and Epithermal Gold Prospectivity

Mesothermal resource maps cd

Mineral deposits typically occur in specific rock units, and geological maps are a source of fundamental information for the mineral explorer. Studying geological maps that show the extent of potentially mineralised host rocks is one of the first steps in defining the search area for a specific mineral.

In 2002, Crown Minerals released a Mesothermal Gold data and prospectivity package to encourage the mineral exploration industry to search in New Zealand for this style of gold occurrence. GNS Science assembled geological maps, geochemistry, mineral occurrence and other data into a single GIS project. A similar product focussing on Epithermal Gold was completed and released in 2003.

The data and analyses are published on CD-ROM and are available to order free of charge from Crown Minerals.

Example: Groundwater

We have applied our geological mapping of Quaternary deposits to the quantification of potential groundwater resource for many regional authorities including Greater Wellington, Horizons Manawatu, and Environment Waikato.