Geological Exploration of the EEZ

Investigation of New Zealand and its EEZ, including assessment of resource and prospectivity and improved exploration methods, using a multidisciplinary team.

  • Regional Structure and Tectonic History - Francois Bache. Study of crustal structure and sedimentary basins of offshore Zealandia, regional tectonic history, and south Pacific plate motion
  • Paleoenvironments and Biostratigraphy - Characterisation of the stratigraphic expression of Paleogene Climate and environmental events, and refinement of the Neogene geological timescale and biostratigraphy
  • GeoDiscoveryNZ – Enhancing Scientific Discovery Beneath NZRichard Levy. Continued leadership of DrillNZ, and investigation of funding options with the International Ocean Drilling Programme (IODP).
  • SMS Mineralisation along the Kermadec Arc - Cornel de Ronde. Investigation of SMS deposits along the Kermadec Arc to assess mining potential
  • SMS Mineralisation in Frontier Regions - Fabio Caratori-Tontini. Investigation of SMS prospectivity in regions such as the Havre Trough, Colville Ridge, Kermadec Ridge, Fiordland subduction zone, and TVZ lake floors
  • Frontier BasinsKyle Bland. Providing the technical basis for evaluating the petroleum prospectivity of frontier basins
  • Marine Energy – Integrated synthesis of geologic, geomorphic and oceanographic factors underpinning tidal electricity generation potential in Cook Strait