Recent Marine Surveys

Recent, ongoing and future marine geoscience research surveys with GNS participation.

Many of the listed surveys are multinational collaborative projects involving numerous scientists from multiple institutions around the globe; only GNS on-board participants are named here.


  • SO246. Studying deep crustal structure and Gondwana breakup, eastern Chatham Rise, using seismic reflection and refraction, gravity, magnetics, multibeam bathymetry and rock dredging techniques. R/V Sonne. Bryan Davy.


  • TECTA. Seismic reflection survey, New Caledonia Trough/Lord Howe Rise, N/O L’Atalante. Wanda Stratford, Rupert Sutherland, Dan Barker.
  • RR1509 “HOBITSS2”. Retrieval and selective re-deployments of OBS and OBP instruments, northern Hikurangi margin, R/V Roger Revelle.
  • TAN1508. Gas Hydrates, southern Hikurangi margin offshore Wairarapa, R/V Tangaroa. Gareth Crutchley, Ingo Pecher.
  • VESPA. Rock dredging, Norfolk Basin region, N/O L’Atalante. Nick Mortimer, Patti Durrance.
  • RR1508 “STINGS”. Heatflow transects and seismic reflection data across the northern and southern Hikurangi margins, R/V Roger Revelle. Stuart Henrys. Cruise blog:
  • RR1507 “MESH” (Mapping, Exploration, & Sampling at Havre). Investigation of Havre Volcano, Kermadec Arc, a survey using WHOI’s ROV Jason and AUV Sentry from R/V Roger Revelle. Fabio Caratori Tontini. Cruise blog:
  • GNS, WHOI and RNZ Navy collaborative expedition. Using WHOI AUV Sentry to investigate submarine volcanoes, Raoul Island / Kermadec Arc, HMNZS Wellington. Cornel deRonde, Fabio Caratori Tontini, Christian Timm.


  • TAN1409 “SIPC”. IODP SIPC proposal site survey: multichannel seismic and multibeam survey of sites on/in Lord Howe Rise and New Caledonia Basin, R/V Tangaroa. Rupert Sutherland, Julian Collot, Stuart Henrys, Dan Barker, Andrew Boyes, Christof Muller.
  • TAN1405 “HOBITSS”. OBS and OPB instruments deployed on northern Hikurangi Margin, offshore Gisborne, looking for pattern of seismicity and seafloor displacement associated with slow slip events on the plate interface, R/V Tangaroa. Stuart Henrys.


  • TAN1313 “Colville”. Multibeam, gravity, and magnetic survey, plus dredging on the Colville Ridge, R/V Tangaroa. Cornel de Ronde.
  • TAN1312 “DRASP”. Multibeam, gravity, magnetic survey plus dredging in the Reinga Basin, R/V Tangaroa. Francois Bache, Rupert Sutherland.
  • “QUELLE”. Shinkai 6500 dives on the Kermadec Arc, R/V Yokosuka. Cornel de Ronde, Valerie Stucker .
  • “SLOPS”. OBS recovery and pressure sensor deployment, Hikurangi margin, offshore Gisborne, M/V Amaltal Mariner. Stuart Henrys.
  • SO226 - leg I “CHIMP”. Geophysical survey (2D & 3D seismic, multibeam) of seafloor pockmarks, Chatham Rise, R/V Sonne. Bryan Davy, Karsten Kroger.


  • IODP 342. Paleogene Newfoundland Sediment Drifts, R/V Joides Resolution. Chris Hollis.
  • “ECOSAT”. Geophysics - gravity & magnetic profiles and dredging, in the Rennell, Santa Cruz & D'Entrecasteaux basins", R/V Southern Surveyor. Nick Mortimer.
  • “Our Far South”. Past Antarctic climate, Ross Sea and Southern Ocean, M/V Spirit of Enderby. Richard Levy.
  • TAN1213 “NIRVANA”. Multibeam, magnetic, gravity and seismic survey, Kermadec Arc / Colville Ridge, R/V Tangaroa. Christian Timm, Jenny Black.
  • “SSLOBS1”. Deployment of Ocean Bottom Seismographs (OBS), Hikurangi margin, offshore Gisborne, M/V Ocean Pioneer. Stuart Henrys.
  • RR 1211 “SRoF 12”. Multi-disciplinary hydrothermal vent/submarine volcano exploration, Lau Basin, R/V Roger Revelle. Fabio Caratori Tontini.


  • NA-015. Multi-disciplinary hydrothermal vent/submarine volcano exploration, Aeolian Arc, R/V Nautilus. Kevin Faure.
  • MAVA 11. Geophysical survey of the Aeolian Arc, R/V Urania. Fabio Caratori Tontini.
  • TAN1114. Multibeam, magnetic, and multichannel seismic surveying, Hikurangi Margin (site survey IODP proposal 781A), R/V Tangaroa. Stuart Henrys, Tineke Stewart, Andreia Plaza.
  • SO214 “NEMESYS”. Gas Hydrates programme East Coast of North Island, R/V Sonne. Ingo Pecher, Andreia Plaza.
  • Tan1104 “NZASMS 2011”. Multi disciplinary hydrothermal vent/submarine volcano exploration and Automomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) dives, Kermadec Arc, R/V Tangaroa. Cornel de Ronde, Christian Timm, Matt Leybourne, Fabio Caratori Tontini, Tineke Stewart.


  • KM10-24. Multi-disciplinary hydrothermal vent/submarine volcano exploration, Lau Basin, R/V Kilo Moana. Cornel de Ronde, Tineke Stewart.
  • NT 10-12. Multi-disciplinary hydrothermal vent/submarine volcano exploration, Mariana Arc, R/V Natsushima. Matt Leybourne.

Earlier Surveys.