We undertake a wide variety of marine research and consultancy with a range of national and international clients

  • Data Acquisistion

Planning surveys and acquiring data using the following techniques and instrumentation: reflection seismics; gravity; magnetics; multibeam bathymetry; ocean bottom seismographs (OBSs); ocean bottom pressure sensors (OBPs); ROVs and AUVs; water column geochemical sampling.

  • Data Processing and Interpretation

Basin modelling; petroleum prospectivity studies; regional seismic-stratigraphic framework analyses; prestack depth imaging.


Consulting for several coastal states, assisting with: desktop studies; data acquisition and interpretation; preparation of UNCLOS Article 76 submissions to the CLCS.

  • GIS and Mapping

Analysis and display of wide variety of geospatial datasets.

  • Gravity and Magnetics

Marine Seaspy magnetometer/gradiometer; marine/airborne gravimeter; data acquisition, processing and interpretation.

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