Groundwater-Surface Water Interaction Workshop

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GNS Science facilitated a national workshop on groundwater – surface water interaction on behalf of the Groundwater Alliance. The workshop was held at Te Papa Tongawera, Wellington from the 30 August – 1 September 2015. Over 60 people attended the workshop from a range of organisations and disciplines including universities, CRI’s, consultancies, Ministry for the Environment, and council staff.

GNS Science would like to thank all those people who presented in sessions at the workshop and all those who attended. A document that collates all of the information gathered as part of the workshop is now available to download (135 MB), or alternatively, each session can be downloaded in the below table.

Lovett, A.P. (ed.) 2016. Groundwater - Surface Water Interaction Workshop, 31 August - 1 September 2015, Te Papa Tongarewa Museum, Wellington - Presentations, GNS Science Miscellaneous Series 92. 328 p.

Groundwater - surface water interaction research survey   Click here to start the survey
At the 2015 groundwater - surface water interaction (GW-SW I) workshop 14 'high level topics' of GW-SW I related research were identified as being a considerable information gap, and as an important topic to be addressed for effective freshwater management. A “quick” survey was undertaken at the end of the workshop. In groups, attendee’s were asked for their opinion on the three most important topics, the results of which are published in Lovett (2016). We would like to extend this survey to a wider audience. If you wish to complete the survey, please click on the below link, and score each of the 14 topics based on "the need to invest research funding in this topic, in the context of GW-SW I". Your responses will be recorded anonymously, and you can only submit the form once. Thank you.

Download the workshop flyer GW-SW Interaction Workshop flyer.pdf (719.82 kB)

Session Title Session Facilitators / Presenters Organisation
Table of Content
1. Groundwater-surface water (GW-SW) interaction overview (7MB)  Stewart Cameron GNS Science
Introduction to the workshop Stewart Cameron GNS Science
Why we need better characterisation of GW-SW interaction? Stewart Cameron GNS Science
Hyporheic Zones - Are they important? How can we characterise them? Edda Kalbus Auckland Council
Groundwater information survey Graeme Horrell & Christian Zammit NIWA
2. Methods for detecting and measuring GW-SW interaction (35MB) Abigail Lovett & Rogier Westerhoff GNS Science
Methods for characterising GW-SW interactions Edda Kalbus Auckland Council
Application of satellite, airborne and handheld thermal infrared imaging to characterise GW-SW interaction Abigail Lovett & Rogier Westerhoff GNS Science
Fibre optic distributed temperature sensing to characterise GW-SW interaction Maryam Moridnejad GNS Science
Using HCA to identify river water signature in groundwaters, and groundwater signature in rivers Rob van der Raaj GNS Science
Use of radon for indication of river recharge to groundwater Murray Close ESR
Use of radon for indication of groundwater discharge to river Heather Martindale GNS Science
National rainfall recharge model and EWT baseflow estimates Rogier Westerhoff GNS Science/Deltares
3.Stream Depletion (36MB) Mike Toews GNS Science
 Numerical modeling of stream depletion Catherine Moore GNS Science
Analytical Solutions to determine groundwater pumping effects on surface waterways and to assist the determination of sustainable allocation limits Aslan Perwick PDP
Water use by riparian trees: Balancing streamflow reduction against benefits to stream ecosystems Bruce Dudley NIWA
Calculating the effect of groundwater abstraction on surface flows in the Cumulative Hydrological Effects Simulator Jan Diettrich NIWA
Regional council rules for managing stream depletion Abby Matthews Horizons Regional Council
4. GW-SW interaction modelling (43MB) Paul White GNS Science
Groundwater-surface water interaction: conceptual models, geology Paul White GNS Science
Groundwater-surface water interaction: conceptual models, water budgets Scott Wilson Lincoln Agritech
Groundwater and water quality of lakes and estuaries Moritz Lehmann University of Waikato
Groundwater-surface water interaction: engineering issues Andrew Dark Aqualinc
Water budgets and gravel-bed rivers Paul White GNS Science
Fully distributed integrated surface/subsurface flow models Ali Shokri Lincoln Agritech
MODFLOW applications Mike Toews GNS Science
FEFLOW applications Mike Toews GNS Science
Fine scale understanding of surface water groundwater interaction along river beds Andrew Dark Aqualinc
Eigen model Lee Burbery ESR
TopNet hydrological model Jing Yang NIWA
5. GW-SW interaction uncertainty analysis (8MB) Catherine Moore GNS Science/ESR
Uncertainty analysis of flux calculation in GW-SW interaction Catherine Moore GNS Science/ESR
Uncertainty and groundwater recharge from rivers Paul White GNS Science
6.GW-SW interaction management and policy (9MB) Lawrence Kees Environment Southland
Groundwater-surface water science (particularly national modelling) for MfE Doug Booker NIWA
Conjunctive allocation of water in gw-river systems Paul White GNS Science
Summary of previous sessions on policy Lawrence Kees Environment Southland
7.Discussion and conclusion of workshop (2MB) Stewart Cameron GNS Science
Groundwater Surface Water Interaction Workshop 2015