Research Programmes

Investigating groundwater systems, processes and interactions with surface water.

Current Research Programmes

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SMART Aquifer Characterisation (SAC)

This programme aims to develop a suite of highly innovative methods for characterising New Zealand’s groundwater systems faster and/or less expensively than using traditional methods.

Groundwater Resource of New Zealand (GWR)

The GWR programme objectives include: understanding the hydrogeological and structural characteristics of New Zealand’s aquifers; determining fluxes of water and key substances in and through these aquifers; development of isotopic and biogeochemical tracers and tools; running the National Groundwater Monitoring Programme (NGMP); developing and improving hydrochemical monitoring and analyses; determining impacts of pressures such as human activities and climate change; and assisting stakeholders to improve social, cultural, environmental and economic outcomes, and the application of isotopic tools for understanding the dynamics of hydrologic systems.

Smart Models for Aquifer Management (SAM)

This programme aims to develop optimal groundwater surface water flow and transport models to address large-scale, real-time, specific environmental problems, that use data at hand and can be used to inform target data collection to optimise them. The resulting models must be suitable for quantification of uncertainty and run sufficiently quickly to support a comprehensive risk-based evaluation of design or policy alternatives.

Tracer Validation in Hydrogeology (TVH)

This programme aims to improve groundwater models by calibration and validation using hydrochemical, temperature and age tracer data. This programme includes case study areas in the Bay of Plenty, Wellington and Southland regions.

Ka Tu Te Taniwha – Ka Ora Te Tangata

The Ka Tu Te Taniwha – Ka Ora Te Tangata project aims to understand the impacts of development in the Awahou groundwater catchment to ensure the health and well-being of the Ngati Rangiwewehi people.

Past Research Programmes

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