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Groundwater Sampling Protocol

GNS Science have developed a national Groundwater Sampling Protocol in partnership with Greater Wellington Regional Council, Marlborough District Council, Environment Canterbury and the Ministry for the Environment.

The aim of this sampling protocol is to facilitate robust assessments of groundwater quality, particularly at an inter-regional and national scale. It is well established that analytical results can be heavily influenced by the way a groundwater sample is collected, preserved and transported prior to analysis. While there are numerous existing guidelines to assist samplers, they typically present a number of options for sampling without providing a recognised best-practice procedure that is appropriate for New Zealand conditions. As a result, several different methods for State of the Environment (SOE) groundwater sampling are currently in use in New Zealand. Thus SOE monitoring data may not be readily comparable between different regions, and even within a single region, older groundwater quality data may not be directly comparable to newer data. Use of this protocol will ensure groundwater samples are representative of groundwater in the aquifer; and ensure results from samples which are taken in different regions, at different times, and/or by different samplers can be compared with more confidence.

Contact: Chris Daughney