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GNS Groundwater and Geothermal Database (GGW)

The GNS Geothermal and Groundwater Database securely stores a collection of hydrological, geochemical (sampling and chemistry), geological and geophysical data collected from over 1500 sites within New Zealand for groundwater research purposes. This includes publically-accessible datasets from the nationally significant National Groundwater Monitoring Programme, the Volcano Monitoring Programme and the Bay of Plenty Geothermal Feature project. The GGW database also hold restricted access information from Regional Councils, and past and present research and consultancy project data.
Contact: Magali Moreau

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Downloads - GWR (NGMP) funded free tools

Spreadsheet for automatic statistical analysis of water quality data

The "Calculator" for automatic statistical analysis of water quality data has been available for non-commercial use since the end of March 2012. This spreadsheet was designed to automatically process water quality results for many different analytes in samples collected from many different sites. This spreadsheet allows for calculation of distributional parameters (e.g. median, average, standard deviation, etc.) and performance of trend tests on a per-site and per-analysis. The Caculator maximum number of analyses for processing is 199.

Capture Zone delineation simple methods spreadsheet

This spreadsheet is a visualisation tool to assess the relative size of capture zone delineation using the simple methods (calculated fixed radius, uniform flow equation).The user is prompted to type site-specific values, which action will refresh the graph, enabling to view simultaneously protection and capture zone for this site, assuming an ambient groundwater flow along the x-axis. Empty cell will result in the graph remaining blank.

Groundwater capture zone GIS toolkit

The Capture zone delineation toolkit (ready to use ArcGIS toolbox and corresponding source code) automatically delineate well capture zone using either the calculated fixed radius or the uniform flow equation methods. The toolkit consists of both the capture zone delineation ArcGIS toolboxes for versions 9.3 and 10.0, as well as the core algorithms, programmed in Python, which can be implemented in other GIS applications (e.g., Quantum GIS).

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Aquifer maps and geological maps of New Zealand

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3D Geological Models – Earth Beneath our Feet

Assessments of geology to identify aquifers in three dimensional models of geology for a range of clients. Three-dimensional computer modelling has been developed at GNS Sciences over the past 10 years with the long-term aims of understanding the geometry, fluid flows and layer properties of geological unit.

NGMP sample form mobile application - Free app


GNS has developed a mobile app. to record NGMP sample field measurements with the Fulcrum mobile application platform to streamline field data upload to the GNS Geothermal and Groundwater database. Fulcrum allows you to enter data on your phone or tablet then upload the data to GNS when network connectivity is available. To download and install the free app, simply open the Google Play Store (Android) or iTunes store (iPad/iPhone) on your phone or tablet, search for ‘Fulcrum’ and install it.

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Other groundwater resources

National protocol for state of the environment groundwater sampling in New Zealand
(via the Ministry for the Environment website)