Past research programmes

Tracer Validation in Hydrogeology (TVH)

This programme aims to improve groundwater models by calibration and validation using hydrochemical, temperature and age tracer data. This programme includes case study areas in the Bay of Plenty, Wellington and Southland regions.

Ka Tu Te Taniwha – Ka Ora Te Tangata

Ngati Project

Awahou Stream, at Te Puna O Pekehaua Reserve.
Abigail Lovett, GNS Science 

Programme vision: “understand the impacts of development in the Awahou groundwater catchment to ensure the health and
wellbeing of the Ngati Rangiwewehi people”

Groundwater-surface Water Interaction

This programme aims to develop a better understanding of groundwater-surface water interactions.

Optimal Nutrient Removal for Wastewaters

Improved efficiency in wastewater treatment is a strategic goal for Korea and New Zealand. This research will establish a strong collaboration between New Zealand and Korea to develop a novel, highly efficient system for wastewater treatment with an intelligent software control system.

Climate Impacts on Hydrological Systems

This project will deliver a framework for assessing the impacts of climate change on New Zealand’s hydrological systems.

SMART Aquifer Characterisation


The crystal clear water at Te Waikoropupu Springs, Tasman Region, bubbles up from the underlying aquifer(s).
Lloyd Homer, GNS Science.

The SMART Aquifer Characterisation (SAC) research programme aims to develop a suite of innovative methods for rapid and cost-effective characterisation of New Zealand’s groundwater systems. SMART is an acronym for the driving ideals of the SAC programme: Save Money and Reduce Time, but be Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-bound.