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Groundwater Resources of New Zealand (GWR)


The crystal clear water at Te Waikoropupu Springs, Tasman Region, bubbles up from the underlying aquifer(s).
Lloyd Homer, GNS Science.

The Groundwater Resources of New Zealand (GWR) Programme is GNS Sciences’ MBIE SSIF hydrogeology research programme. The primary aim of the programme is to inform ways to improve the sustainable management of, and economic returns from groundwater resources in New Zealand. The current programme includes six key research areas and aims.

Funder: New Zealand Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment

Project Duration: Sustainable Science Investment Fund (SSIF) 2017-2024

Programme designer: Rogier Westerhoff

Programme administrator: Conny Tschritter

Programme Projects and Aims:

1. Hydrogeology
Determine the hydrogeological and structural characteristics of NZ's aquifer systems. Contact: Zara Rawlinson

2. Water Flux
Determine the fluxes of water and key substances into, out of and through New Zealand’s aquifers. Contact: Uwe Morgenstern

3. Biogeochemical tracers:
Development of tracers for biogeochemical processes defining the source, fate and transport of nitrogen, carbon, and other contaminants, to support policy refinement and management of water quality and other environmental issues. Contact: Rob van der Raaij

4. Resource Pressures
Determining how human activities, climate change and other pressures affect New Zealand's groundwater resources, and associated ecosystems. Contact: Catherine Moore

5. Stakeholder Engagement:
Assisting stakeholders to improve social, cultural, environmental and economic outcomes. Includes a co-funding programme to collaborate with stakeholders. Contact: Conny Tschritter

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