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Environment and Climate

Environment and Climate

GNS Science's work in Environment and Climate focuses on sustainable management of the environment, and effective adaptation to a changing climate. We take an integrated approach combining environmental change, climate change and groundwater. This work plays a vital role in informing management and adaptation strategies for the future.

What we do:

  • We identify and map our groundwater systems, which helps in securing and managing our freshwater resource
  • We document what happened when global temperature was last similar to Paris targets, and use this to work out how our ecosystem will react
  • Better climate projections will help guide New Zealand’s adaptation, including changes to how our coastal systems are managed
  • Our carbon emissions work helps New Zealand meet its Paris commitments

Our stories and examples of our work

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Story 2
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Story 4

CarbonWatchNZ is building a world-first complete picture of New Zealand’s carbon balance

Our groundwater team identifies contaminants that affect water quality

The Smart Aquifer Management programme guides management of groundwater resources

Lakes380 explores the health of New Zealand's lakes

We examine the impact of sea-level rise

Antarctica's role in a warmer world

Theme leader: Richard Levy

Richard Levy