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Atlas Of Petroleum Prospectivity

The "Atlas of Petroleum Prospectivity" (APP), being led by GNS Science, is a 4-year New Zealand Government-funded research programme (October 2014-September 2018). Its broad-scale objective is to synthesise the wealth of existing and new data, information, and knowledge within GNS Science, supplemented by other open-file sources, into a nationally significant baseline reference GIS-based dataset that summarises in one place, for the first time, the current understanding of our geologically complex offshore petroleum basins. 

Essentially, the "atlas" will comprise a series of new and updated digital maps (and associated metadata) of the key geological components relevant to petroleum exploration, providing a consistent template for evaluating petroleum prospectivity within and between offshore basins across Zealandia. The atlas will also provide a basis for identifying where new geoscience data and interpretations are required to better demonstrate petroleum potential. The APP programme is an important contributor to GNS Science's "Science for a more prosperous NZ (Petroleum Resources)" and "Underpinning Geoscience Knowledge (Zealandia Revealed)" Core Science Areas, as outlined in the Statement of Corporate Intent July 2016-June 2021.