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Canterbury Basin

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Canterbury - Great South Basin Screening

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GNS Science offer petroleum prospectivity screening reports for several basins in New Zealand. This report presents the geological setting and exploration history of the Canterbury and Great South basins, including an integrated assessment of new regional-scale seismic mapping with results from wells and regional geology. This 90 page report reviews the active petroleum systems in these two basins. Common risk segment maps are presented and petroleum prospectivity is assessed using multi-1D generation and ray-path migration basin models.

Included with the report is a GIS project that compiles all the available map data from the petroleum prospectivity evaluation of the Canterbury and Great South basins

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Canterbury Basin Sedimentary Review

G. Browne, 2002
NZ$ 500, CD (PDF)

Canterbury Basin

Sedimentological database, logs, maps and petroleum system review based on existing openfile petroleum well reports and published data. Includes reservoir facies sedimentology from Clipper-1 and Galleon-1 wells and descriptions of thin sections, core photographs and SEM petrography.

New Zealand Stratlink - Interactive Basin Chronostratigraphic Transects.

Boyes, A. F., et al. 2012

FREE in the New Zealand Petroleum Basin Explorer (PBE)

A digitally remastered, full colour version of the Folio 1: Cretaceous to recent Sedimentary Patterns in New Zealand. Each transect is provided as an individual PDF document, with built-in interactive links. The original chronostratigraphy in each basin has been updated to the New Zealand Geological Timescale 2010/1 with the use of Time Scale Creator software.

Within each transect there are also internal clickable links to measured sections, selected well summary sheets (displaying lithological and stratigraphic information with links to well header data), and brief formation descriptions (with external links to the New Zealand Stratigraphic lexicon).

New Zealand Petrophysical Atlas, Canterbury

Adams, S., 2011.

FREE in the New Zealand Petroleum Basin Explorer (PBE)

The work scope comprised wireline log evaluation of a number of exploration wells over petroleum basins in NZ to develop a consistent framework for assessing petrophysical parameters and rock properties of New Zealand reservoir and seal rock intervals. Work is focused on deriving standardised practices for the New Zealand setting which are detailed in the Methodology document.

Seven Canterbury wells and a report are included in this product.

Direct Hydrocarbon Indicators in a selected area of the Canterbury Basin – Tools for Frontier Basin Screening.

Davy, D., et al. 2012

FREE in the New Zealand Petroleum Basin Explorer (PBE)

This product is the compilation, integration and digital delivery of metadata on Google Earth and other GIS tools to facilitate access to publicly available swath bathymetry and seismic data within New Zealand's Extended Continental Shelf boundary. This is freely accessible in Petroleum Basin Explorer.

The report is an example of how the integrated interpretation of swath bathymetry and seismic data can identify sea floor and subsurface features that may indicate an active petroleum system in a frontier basin.