Structural Modelling

Accurate structural geology for exploration and recovery

Download Structural Modelling flier:

  • forward and reverse modelling – invaluable for proof of concept.
  • data collation - interpretation data, seismic, well, field, CAD, and image formats.
  • section construction - fault and bed construction, depth conversion, well and dip projection, stratigraphic correlation, seismic restoration and burial history; for structural 3D modelling, basin modelling and reservoir characterisation.
  • kinematic algorithms - restoration and forward modelling, isostasy, decompaction, unfolding/un-shearing, shearing, block restoration.
  • visualisation - static images or movie-style animation.
  • software - 2DMoveTM software for 2D section construction, validation and structural analysis.
  • capability building - we are developing capability in the use of 3DMoveTM and 4DMoveTM software for advanced structural modelling. This capability will allow hydrocarbon accumulations to be tracked through progress deformation.

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