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Conventional Core Studies

Improving our understanding of the subsurface

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Our services and expertise include:

  • core description at a range of scales- grain size, lithology, sedimentary structures, bioturbation index, trace fossils, colours, fractures and facies interpretations.
  • correlation and assessment with other available data, including wireline logs, image logs and biostratigraphy, to provide information about reservoir heterogeneity and to develop regional stratigraphic models.
  • facies analysis for input into 3-D reservoir simulation programs, defining sandbody or seal geometries and characteristics.
  • seal quality and variability of core samples using a range of analyses.
  • provenance studies using analytical studies of lithics and heavy minerals and combined with our expertise in New Zealand’s regional geology.
  • reservoir quality using quantitative descriptions of rock texture, composition, and pore systems, diagenetic modelling and petrographic data integration with core analysis.
  • fluid rock interaction - advanced petrographic techniques in conjunction with basin and hydrocarbon generation models.

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