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Biostratigraphy Project Examples

High-resolution biostratigraphy 2006-2009. New high-resolution biostratigraphic tools that enable sub-millennial-scale dating based on weight-standardised counts of planktic and benthic foraminifera and a non-linear age interpolation method have been used to establish a robust temporal and paleoenvironmental framework that enables the stratigraphic architecture of the Late Miocene Mount Messenger depositional system to be correlated between wells at a far greater level of precision than previously.

Moturoa biosteering 2007. Onsite biostratigraphic analysis of cuttings samples from directionally-drilled horizontal production wells in the Moturoa Oil Field, in Taranaki, enabled maximum penetration of thin-bedded hydrocarbon-bearing reservoir sands.

Waka Nui-1 1999 (offshore W Northland). Among a comprehensive suite of micropaleontological and palynological analyses carried out by GNS during and immediately post-drilling, miospore analyses demonstrated that target paralic sediments were not the expected rift-related mid-Cretaceous coal measures, but terrestrial volcanogenic sediments of Jurassic age (Murihiku Supergroup). This profoundly altered assessment of the petroleum source potential of the structure.

Great South Basin stratigraphic review. A litho- and biostratigraphic review of 613 samples and wireline logs from the eight wells drilled in the Great South Basin, a frontier basin off the south coast of New Zealand, has improved the understanding of the age , depositional environment and spatial distribution of sediment packages in the basin.