Basin Modelling

Predicting petroleum generation and migration in your prospects

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Our services and expertise include:

  • source rock and fluid characterisation – assessment of kerogen type and maturity, and oil-source rock correlation.
  • heat flow and thermal modelling – thermal history modelling of sedimentary basins (1D, multi-1D and 3D modelling).
  • fluid generation modelling – predicting the timing and amount of oil and gas generation and expulsion from source rocks.
  • migration simulation – 2D or 3D models for high-resolution simulation of petroleum migration and prediction of prospect charge (including hydrocarbon phase and volumes).
  • multiple scale modelling – building and risking integrated petroleum system studies from basin to prospect scale.
  • specialist studies assessment of fault and top-seal efficiencies, leakage of hydrocarbons and overpressure analysis.
  • software – experience with a wide range of software including IES PetroMod, Permedia MPath, Zetaware Trinity and Genesis, and BASSIM multi-1D.

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