Liaising with local government

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  1. Objective 4: Outreach
  2. Liaising with local government

The national minerals strategy developed by New Zealand Minerals Industry Association (NZMIA) recognised that the fragmentation of management of mineral resources across central, regional and local government agencies was a significant impediment to the development of the sector in New Zealand. In particular, it found that resource data could be used much more effectively in managing mineral resources by regional and district councils.

A GNS Science minerals outreach project seeks to address this issue by encouraging councils to incorporate information on minerals into regional and district policies and plans to allow the value of mineral resources to be reflected in land use decisions. The project includes an assessment of the level of uptake of key mineral resource information into government policies and regional/district council development strategies. This project is being carried out in collaboration with Crown Minerals (Ministry of Economic Development) and NZMIA.


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