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Mineral Wealth of New Zealand and it's Exclusive Economic Zone

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This programme aims to achieve growth in the New Zealand economy through research on mineral deposits and prospects within New Zealand and its Exclusive Economic Zone, and to promote effective management and development of the New Zealand mineral industry leading to a reduction in mineral imports and improved export earnings.

These goals will be achieved by improved understanding of formation processes, development of more effective exploration and extraction practices, assessment of resource potential, and better definition of mineral resources related to Māori interests.


Funder: Foundation for Research, Science and Technology
Contact: Cornel de Ronde

Programme Objectives

Objective 1: Regional Prospecitivity Analysis

Establishing correlations with mineral-rich or prospective regions in eastern Australia and New Zealand, characterising a gold deposit in NW Nelson and resource assessment and fingerprinting studies related to pounamu.

Objective 2: Massive Sulphide Mineralisation (Offshore Gold)

Obtaining new knowledge on the distribution, origin, and value of gold and base metal-bearing massive sulphide deposits in the Kermadec-Tonga arc, north-east of New Zealand.

Objective 3: National Minerals information

NZ wide minerals information system, regional mineral resource assesment of selected regions and targeted research into a range of strategic industrial minerals such as zeolites, clays, perlite & silica.

Objective 4: Outreach

Focussing the research within the programme, and transferring the new knowledge to stakeholders, as well as raising the profile of the mining industry in New Zealand.


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