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Shallow Geothermal Systems

Better understanding of the physical and chemical hydrology of near surface groundwater and geothermal aquifers; and characterisation of rock properties to better understand shallow thermal conditions across New Zealand.

Project Leader: Rob Reeves

Research Collaborators: IRL

Task 1: Deformation & Seismicity (Task Leader: Chris Bromley)

  • Seismic network systems monitored at one TVZ geothermal field to locate and characterise induced seismicity
  • Tools for managing subsidence
  • Induced seismicity in a geothermal field: mechanisms and management regimes
  • IEA-GIA sustainability strategy protocols
  • Benchmark cases of subsidence
  • Protocol and field management tools for geothermal developers to minimise the risk of large induced earthquakes
  • Management approaches to minimise subsidence
  • Demonstration of subsidence mitigation using targeted injection

Task 2: Surface heat flow (Task Leader: Rob Reeves)

  • Devices installed to measure ground temperature
  • Conducive heat flow studies undertaken by NZ region
  • Ground loop heat transfer modelling tools for GSHP
  • Heat flow methods for detecting and monitoring geothermal surface features and near surface heat flow
  • GSHP installations evaluated
  • NZ heat flow map

Task 3: Low temperature delineation (Task Leader: Supri Soengkono)

  • Shallow gravity and magnetic signatures of geothermal systems in the TVZ
  • Geophysical methods for effectiveness in locating structure that preferentially channels water to the surface (low-T systems)
  • Geophysical delineation of low temperature geothermal systems

Task 4: Hydrology (Task Leader: Rob Reeves)

  • Geophysical methods for delineating the extent and rate of salinity changes occurring in shallow groundwater aquifers
  • Identification of geothermal fluid pathways into/through shallow groundwater aquifers; determination of monitoring strategies
  • Statistical analysis of geophysical and shallow groundwater quality data in geothermal fields