GNS Science leads multidisciplinary, collaborative geothermal research that is supported by the New Zealand Government.


  • Resource characterisation - including low-temperature (25ºC to 150°C) and high temperature (>150°C), conventional (1-3 km) and deep (4-7 km).
  • Sustainability - including managing environmental impacts, characterising geothermal ecosystems, describing microbial biodiversity, and improving process efficiency (e.g. corrosion, scaling).
  • Technologies - including geothermal (ground-source) heat pumps, mineral extraction, high temperature tools, biotechnological inventions, and new products and processes.
  • Numerical modelling - next generation integrated geophysical, chemical and flow simulation modelling tools.
Well Discharge

Geothermal Resources of New Zealand - a Core-funded Research Programme with the following projects:

Contestable research programmes

Marsden funded research programmes

Aims include environmentally sustainable growth in New Zealand’s geothermal electricity generation, including utilisation of the deep (3-7 km) resources, an increase in direct geothermal use applications, and new industries and applications leveraged from geothermal resources. Outcomes include increased geothermal generation, increased effectiveness, mitigation of environmental impacts, and increased public awareness and acceptance of geothermal energy use.

For more information contact: Bruce Mountain.