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International Geothermal Projects

Providing expert advice for geothermal exploration and development in a range of countries.

  • Chile. Recommendations for thermal feature monitoring and methods of avoidance, remediation and mitigation of environmental risks for the El Tatio area (Bromley, Harvey)
  • Chile. Assessment of capital and operating costs of geothermal projects in collaboration with Fundacion Chile (Harvey)
  • Fiji. Country-wide assessment of geothermal potential and high temperature geothermal resources (Bignall, Harvey, Milicich)
  • Indonesia– ongoing. Geothermal resource assessment and reconnaissance survey at Gosowong Mine, Halmahera Island, Indonesia (Reeves, Rae,Harvey)
  • Indonesia. Geological / geochemical assessment of the power potential associated with hot springs activity near an operating gold mine in the Mollucas (Reeves, Bignall, Harvey).
  • Japan. Geochemical assessment of scaling and corrosion and the Ogiri Geothermal Field, Kyushu (Mroczek)
  • Japan. Geological, geochemical, reservoir engineering and reservoir modelling services (resource capacity assessment, evaluation of field management issues (scaling etc), and future production well drilling strategy) to assess the current and future power potential of the Uenotai Geothermal Field, Honshu (Bignall, Mroczek, Harvey).
  • Madagascar. Field reconnaissance and geochemical assessment of the geothermal power potential of numerous hot spring occurrences in Madagascar (Harvey, Mroczek)
  • Pacific Islands. Review of geothermal potential of pacific nations and territories (Harvey, Milicich)
  • Papua New Guinea. National country assessment of high temperature geothermal resources (Bignall, Harvey, Milicich, Rae)
  • Papua New Guinea, 2008. Geological rig services, including interpretation of downhole stratigraphy, as well as extensive petrology for drilling of geothermal wells in Lihir (Rae, Kilgour, Milicich)
  • Papua New Guinea. Geochemical services to assess and model the contribution of magmatic fluids in thermal discharges at the Lihir mine (Christenson)
  • Philippines. Assessment of management practices at numerous operating geothermal fields (Carey)
  • Philippines. Resource review and recommendations for development of three operating geothermal fields (Carey, Bromley)
  • Philippines. Identification of resource issues for continued utilisation of the Palinpinon Geothermal Resource (Bromley)
  • Uganda. Review of a Geothermal Development Project, for World Bank (Harvey, Mroczek, Bignall).