Our multidisciplinary approach enables exploration drilling and field delineation to proceed with a high level of confidence, and reducing risk and cost. Our team specialises in design, execution and data interpretation of exploration programmes.

conceptual model geothermal

Geophysical exploration
Geophysical methods (MT, seismic, gravity, magnetics) seeking to identify heat sources, and permeability structures. Baseline heat flow assessment. Survey design, data collection, processing and modelling.

3d geothermal model

Resource assessment
Integration of field-wide geological, geochemical and geophysical data to characterise geothermal resources.

Well targeting
Recognising key production targets, controls on reservoir permeability, and potential formation problems. Targeting permeability structures including faults, fractures and stratigraphic formations.

Development of 3D and 4D geological field models; geophysical structural models; and 4D numerical reservoir models.

Reservoir geochemistry
Sampling and evaluation of reservoir fluids to optimise the power generation potential.

Environmental baselines
Pre-commissioning baseline determination and monitoring of microseismicity, ground water, ground deformation, and changes to surface thermal features.