GNS Science integrates data gathered via geological, geochemical and geophysical techniques to delineate geothermal systems, assess resource capacity, and understand the reservoir chemistry, temperature and hydrology.

geothermal rig

Rig geology
Advisory services for well drilling, including analysis of drill cuttings, measurements of porosity, clay content and assessment of formation temperatures. Knowledge transfer to mud loggers/ drilling engineers.

3d geothermal model

3D geological modelling
Leapfrog Geothermal - creating comprehensive models of the field geology, including stratigraphy, structure, rock properties and reservoir parameters.

Borehole image analysis
Interpretation and integration of borehole images with wireline, core and drilling data.

borehole image analysis geothermal

Experimental geochemistry
Laboratory and computer-based simulation studies of scaling and mineral saturation, performing field trials under different design conditions.

Power station design
Expert advice for design, acquisition and construction of equipment for specialised sampling and analysis, as well as criteria for well, pipeline, power station and condenser design.

Reservoir simulation
Simulation of dynamic high temperature conditions using specialist hydrothermal testing apparatus for understanding mineral reactions, water-rock interaction, and to assess tracer suitability.