Hydrates News

The latest developments:

May 2017:

Japan has reported success in producing methane gas from gas hydrate deposits in the Nankai trough, in the world’s second offshore methane hydrate production test. A media release can be found here. This production testing follows a 6-day production test that was carried out in 2013 in the Nankai Trough.

February 2017:

The scientific prospectus for International Ocean Discovery Program (IODP) Expedition 372 has been published on the IODP website, here.

This expedition, aboard the U.S. Scientific drillship JOIDES Resolution, combines two research topics: one is slow slip events on subduction faults, and the other is actively deforming gas hydrate-bearing submarine landslides. The submarine landslide theme of the expedition will address the question of how gas hydrates can contribute to seafloor destabilisation.

The co-chief Scientists of Expedition 372 are Ingo Pecher (University of Auckland) and Philip Barnes (NIWA, Wellington). Joshu Mountjoy (NIWA, Wellington) will also join the expedition as an expert sedimentologist and structural geologist, as part of a 30-strong group of scientists from around the world.

To find out more about the expedition’s exciting scientific objectives, we encourage you to follow the above hyperlink to the scientific prospectus.

April-May 2016:

German Research Vessel RV Sonne completes the first ever scientific drilling on New Zealand’s Hikurangi subduction margin, using the MeBo robotic seafloor drill rig from MARUM in Germany. The voyage was co-led by Professor Katrin Huhn (Marum, Germany) and Professor Nina Kukowski (University of Jena, Germany). The aim of the voyage was to investigate submarine landslide activity on the Hikurangi margin and its relationship to gas hydrate systems. A group of New Zealand-based researchers also participated in the voyage, including Joshu Mountjoy and Alan Orpin (NIWA), Gareth Crutchley and Stuart Henrys (GNS Science), and three post-graduate students (Matthew Jeromson, Isaac Hardy-Ward, and Ryan Lunenburg).