Data Archive

GNS Science is committed to lodging available data from gas hydrates, offshore New Zealand, in an effort to maximize the outcome of collaborative research to New Zealand.

This includes the following data from expeditions R/V Sonne SO-191 (NewVents) and R/V Tangaroa TAN0607 (CHARMNZ):

  • Multibeam bathymetry
  • Echosounder profiles
  • Multichannel seismic profiles
  • Ocean bottom seismometer and hydrophone records
  • Water-column chemistry
  • Pore water chemistry
  • Seafloor thermometry
  • Various images and TV records

The archive is currently accessible via a password-protected ftp site.
Please contact us here for access to this archive.

We also show the locations of publically available seismic data that underpin much of our research in GNS Science’s Petroleum Basin Explorer. Publically available seismic data are also available from New Zealand Petroleum and Minerals. For more information on data accessibility, please contact us here.