External links on CCS

Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment - The lead agency to develop CCS policy for New Zealand

Ministry for the Environment - The Government's principal adviser on the environment in New Zealand.

CO2CRC - The Cooperative Research Centre for Greenhouse Gas Technologies (CO2CRC) is one of the world's leading collaborative research organisations focused on CCS.

International Energy Agency – Greenhouse Gasses (IEAGHG) - Funding research into CCS.

Global CCS Institute - The Institute brings together projects, policy-makers and researchers to overcome challenges facing CCS.

Carbon Capture and Sequestration Technologies Program at MIT - Conducting research into technologies to capture, utilize, and store CO2 from large stationary sources

QCIS - Quantifying and monitoring potential ecosystem impacts of geological carbon storage.

CCS Reg - Developing, refining, and exploring how best to implement an appropriate regulatory environment in the U.S. for the commercialization of CCS.

International Energy Agency (IEA) - Providing an objective forum for CCS regulators, policy makers and stakeholders to discuss and share updates and views on CCS regulatory developments.

Carbon Sequestration Leadership Forum - Ministerial-level international climate change initiative that is focused on the development of improved cost-effective technologies for CCS.