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Geomagnetism Data and Reports

A selection of Magnetic Observatory Data and Annual Reports is available here.

Magnetic Observatory Data

Link to Data archive

  • Hourly data has been given priority. Initially 2000 - 2008 hourly data has been loaded, we will work back at least to the start of the data available in digital form.
  • Minute data from recent years is available on the Intermagnet CDROM, so loading this will have a lower priority.
  • 1 and 5-second data is planned to be made available in the future.

Within these files, H, X, Y, Z and F are measured in nT, while D and I are in minutes of arc. For some years at some stations, the H and Z hourly values were rounded to 1 nT, and the D values to 0.1 minutes, and other values calculated from these rounded values. This is apparent in the tables.

Annual Reports

2004.pdf (36.70 kB)
2005.pdf (45.25 kB)
2006.pdf (39.52 kB)
2007.pdf (396.28 kB)
2008.pdf (856.75 kB)

The graph shows a significant differences in the annual field variations at the two Scott Base huts (variomenter and absolute huts). There is a big peak in Z (corrected to the absolute hut values) that is not seen in F (as measured in the variometer hut).