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Media Releases

Media Releases

Latest releases from our newsroom

Applied Biostratigraphy of Asia-Pacific Basins - 14/08/1998

Massey University and the Institute of Geological and Nuclear Sciences (GNS) is now accepting the next intake of students for a Master's level course in advanced biostratigraphy.

A clearer picture of the alpine fault's earthquake history - 10/09/1998

Scientists have reached agreement on the dates for the last four large earthquakes on the Alpine Fault, which runs from Milford Sound up the spine of the South Island to Blenheim, 650km to the north.

Pollen expert to help in McCahon inquiry - 08/09/1998

One of New Zealand's most experienced forensic pollen scientists has been called in to help police investigating the theft of a $1.25 million Colin McCahon painting.

Satellite links make for faster earthquake information - 20/08/1998

Scientists will soon have instantaneous access to high-quality information from seismographs around New Zealand thanks to an Australian satellite link.

GNS scientist joins multi-national study of Pacific seabed - 14/08/1998

A marine geologist from the Institute of Geological & Nuclear Sciences Limited is to join scientists from 11 countries for a two-month deep-sea drilling project off New Zealand's east coast.

Scientists study tsunami devastation in PNG - 11/08/1998

Two scientists from the Institute of Geological & Nuclear Sciences Limited are taking part in a major international study of the tsunami that killed more than a thousand people in Papua New Guinea in July.

Scientists to explore Taupo lakebed in sub - 29/07/1998

Scientists are going to explore the bottom of Lake Taupo in a submersible to find out more about Taupo's violent volcanic history and a geothermal system under the lakebed.

Publication on East Coast will help explorers - 07/07/1998

Ten years of research and bore fruit this week with the release of a major publication on the geology and prospectivity of the East Coast region -- New Zealand's newest commercial petroleum area.

The day the earth moved in Inangahua - 24/05/1998

May 24 is the 30th anniversary of the magnitude 7 Inangahua earthquake. It remains New Zealand's biggest on-land quake in the last three decades. Many West Coasters remember the quake as the worst experience of their lives. JOHN CALLAN of the Institute of Geological & Nuclear Sciences Limited reports.

Glow in the sky still a puzzle for quake scientists - 24/05/1998

Eyewitness accounts of an orange glow in the sky above the epicentre during the main shockwave of the 1968 Inangahua earthquake were dismissed as fanciful at the time. The phenomenon, known as ''earthquake lights'', has been reported for centuries and remains one of the great mysteries of earth science.