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Media Releases

Latest releases from our newsroom

New technique opens window on volcanic area - 28/02/2000

New Zealand and Japanese scientists are using revolutionary electromagnetic technology to gain a better understanding of what drives the volcanoes and geothermal systems in the central North Island.

NZ chosen for major US-funded earth science project - 22/02/2000

New Zealand is one of two countries to be selected for a long-term American-funded earth science study that will see American and New Zealand scientists working together.

Australian mission for undersea volcano specialists - 11/02/2000

Two New Zealand scientists have been asked by an Australian Government research organisation to investigate volcanic activity on the seafloor off Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands.

Researchers aim to measure mountain growth rate - 26/01/2000

Researchers from New Zealand and the United States are using highly accurate global positioning system (GPS) equipment to measure how fast the Southern Alps are growing in height.

NZ laboratory dates stone-age British bread - 14/01/2000

A New Zealand radiocarbon laboratory has helped establish the age of the earliest known bread found in Britain.

Wool industry plugs in to airport scanners - 02/11/1999

New Zealand scientists are setting the pace internationally in adapting airport luggage scanners to increase the marketability of major exports. New Zealand’s merino wool industry will be the first of several to benefit from the latest scanning technology called Dual Energy X-ray Absorption (Dexa).

Drilling a slice of geological history - 21/10/1999

As part of a research programme on late Cenozoic shallow-marine successions in Wanganui Basin, the Institute of Geological & Nuclear Sciences (GNS) and James Cook University from Queensland Australia have drilled three deep holes behind coastal outcrops northwest of Wanganui, on the west coast of the North Island.

Antartctic drilling project set to resume - 27/09/1999

The first planeload of scientists, technicians and drillers heads to Antarctica this week for the third and final season of drilling in the Cape Roberts project.

Big quakes not outside global trend - 22/09/1999

The recent series of big overseas earthquakes in populated areas is nothing out of the ordinary in terms of size and frequency of large quakes around the world, the Institute of Geological & Nuclear Sciences Limited (GNS) said today.

Deep sediment holds clues to past climate changes - 14/09/1999

Scientists are to drill two deep holes on the Wanganui coast to gain a better understanding of Southern Hemisphere climate and sea level changes over the past two and a half million years.