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Media Releases

Media Releases

Latest releases from our newsroom

NZ and the Philippines ramp up co-operation in geothermal energy - 05/07/2015

GNS Science and Philippine geothermal company Energy Development Corporation (EDC) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to work together on geothermal energy developments in several countries.

Brass plaque in capital acknowledges pioneer scientist and leader - 27/07/2015

A brass plaque celebrating the man who founded a brace of government entities 150 years ago was unveiled in downtown Wellington this week.

Isotope science helping in dog extinction study - 17/07/2015

Researchers are turning to isotope science to help unravel the mystery of why the Maori dog, the kuri, became extinct soon after Europeans arrived in New Zealand.

GNS Science signs geothermal cooperation agreement with Japanese company - 17/07/2015

GNS Science and a large Japanese energy and mining company signed a co-operation agreement this week that will see the two organisations working together on geothermal energy development.

Marine research boosted with NZ-Japan cooperation agreement - 16/07/2015

New Zealand and Japanese scientists will be working more closely on exploring the seafloor in New Zealand’s offshore territory following the signing of a cooperation agreement between GNS Science and the Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology (JAMSTEC) this week

‘World first’ drilling project will investigate quakes off Gisborne coast - 06/07/2015

An international proposal to use scientific ocean drilling to investigate ‘silent earthquakes’ under the seafloor east of Gisborne has been scheduled for 2018 by the International Ocean Discovery Program.

Resilience Challenge gets the green light

The Resilience to Nature’s Challenges National Science Challenge was formally launched this week ushering in a collaborative and holistic approach to dealing with natural hazards in New Zealand.

New artwork reflects Canterbury quakes - 17/06/2015

A new permanent artwork in the foyer of GNS Science’s Lower Hutt headquarters marks the contributions that scientists made to understanding the Canterbury earthquake sequence.

Quake instruments to be retrieved after 12 months on the seafloor - 17/06/2015

Scientists from the United States, Japan, and New Zealand will retrieve instruments from the seafloor near Poverty Bay over the next two weeks as part of a project to measure earthquake activity and movement of the seafloor where the Pacific Plate is being thrust under or 'subducted' beneath the eastern North Island.

Accessible science coming to Hutt City libraries - 11/06/2015

Hands-on science learning for primary-aged students is about to get a boost thanks to a joint initiative involving GNS Science and Hutt City Libraries.