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CALDERA workshop call - 23/06/2022

Caldera volcanoes produce Earth’s largest explosive eruptions, experience earthquakes, host mineral and geothermal resources, and support a largely unexplored biosphere. The volcanic, tectonic, hydrologic and biologic processes in calderas are intimately connected, yet poorly understood, and require subsurface observations.

The project “Connections Among Life, geo-Dynamics and Eruptions in a Rifting Arc caldera (CALDERA)” aims to obtain drill cores, downhole measurements and monitoring data from the Okataina Volcanic Centre (OVC), one of two giant active calderas in the Taupō Volcanic Zone, Aotearoa New Zealand. Members of the international scientific community are invited to attend a scientific drilling workshop in Tauranga, New Zealand, on January 24-27th 2023 in preparation for a future Full ICDP Drilling Proposal.

The CALDERA workshop call is online on the ICDP website here. Application deadline is 17th August to caldera.drill@gns.cri.nz.

The Workshop will directly precede the IAVCEI Scientific Assembly at nearby Rotorua.

The CALDERA - Image by Dougla Townsend