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Media Releases

Latest releases and news from our newsroom

Novel electromagnetic survey in lakes to build better picture of underground heat - 01/04/2019

A novel electromagnetic survey of lakes in the Rotorua region will help scientists build a more complete picture of geothermal resources and volcanic hazards under the Bay of Plenty.

East Coast quake research aims to build CAT scan of Hikurangi fault - 25/02/2019

A 100-kilometre long array of earthquake sensors on the Raukumara Peninsula will help scientists build a clearer picture of New Zealand’s most dangerous fault line.

Robots help scientists study hazards posed by the Hikurangi subduction zone - 19/02/2019

An underwater remotely operated vehicle (ROV) called Jason is helping an international team of scientists study the Hikurangi subduction zone, where the Pacific Plate dives down beneath the east coast of the North Island.

Scientists pin down cause of unusual Kaikōura earthquake recording - 07/02/2019

A bouncing concrete foundation in a farm implement shed has been found to be the reason for an anomalously high ground-shaking recording made during the magnitude 7.8 Kaikōura earthquake in November 2016.

Dangerously unpredictable weather will worsen unless global action taken, NZ-led research shows

Extreme and unpredictable weather seen around the world in 2019 will get worse as ice sheets in Greenland and Antarctica continue to melt, according to an international research collaboration published in Nature today – and global government policy needs urgent review to prevent dangerous consequences.

Boost for efforts to reduce urban fossil fuel emissions - 16/01/2019

Better carbon emission measures will help cities work out how well they’re fighting against climate change, scientists say – and what impact government policies have.

Antarctic Ice Sheet under threat - 14/01/2019

The Antarctic Ice Sheet is under threat – and urgent action is needed to cut emissions, according to new research led by New Zealand and US scientists.

GNS Science's Gill Jolly joins Forum of Chief Science Advisors - 12/12/2018

GNS Science is delighted that Dr Gill Jolly has been invited to join the Forum of Chief Science Advisors working with the Prime Minister’s Chief Science Advisor, Juliet Gerrard.

National Geohazards Monitoring Centre opens at GNS Science - 12/12/2018

The newly-opened National Geohazards Monitoring Centre will lead to a safer and more resilient New Zealand, according to its hosts, GNS Science.

Scientists release new global earthquake hazard and risk maps - 04/12/2018

A group of international scientists, including researchers from GNS Science, has produced a new global earthquake hazard map and, for the first time, accompanying risk maps. The maps and associated software will set a new benchmark for developing disaster risk reduction strategies worldwide.