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The day the earth moved in Inangahua - 24/05/1998

May 24 is the 30th anniversary of the magnitude 7 Inangahua earthquake. It remains New Zealand's biggest on-land quake in the last three decades. Many West Coasters remember the quake as the worst experience of their lives. JOHN CALLAN of the Institute of Geological & Nuclear Sciences Limited reports.

Glow in the sky still a puzzle for quake scientists - 24/05/1998

Eyewitness accounts of an orange glow in the sky above the epicentre during the main shockwave of the 1968 Inangahua earthquake were dismissed as fanciful at the time. The phenomenon, known as ''earthquake lights'', has been reported for centuries and remains one of the great mysteries of earth science.

Inangahua ground-shaking figures disbelieved - 24/05/1998

Ground-shaking recordings taken on the West Coast during the 1968 magnitude 7 Inangahua earthquake were so strong that some scientists refused to believe them.

Inangahua quake left $39 million insurance bill - 24/05/1998

In dollar terms, the 1968 Inangahua earthquake was New Zealand's fourth most damaging earthquake this century. In 1998 values it cost $39 million in damage to buildings and their contents. Excluded from this figure is damage to roads, bridges and other uninsured property.

Geologists excited about East Coast oil and gas prospects - 15/05/1998

Six potential oil and gas-bearing geological structures, each as big as the large Maui natural gas field in Taranaki, have been discovered off New Zealand's East Coast, geologists say.

NZ ideal location to resolve dinosaur debate - 03/05/1998

New Zealand scientists are leading an international team in a study of New Zealand rocks and fossils to try and find out what killed the dinosaurs 65 million years ago.

Earthquake data avaliable on CD-ROM - 09/04/1998

Ground-movement data from New Zealand earthquakes dating back 30 years is now available on CD-ROM.

The biggest earthquake this year - No tsunami risk - 27/03/1998

Movement during a big earthquake near Antarctica two days ago was horizontal which meant there was little likelihood of a tsunami, a seismologist said today.

Landslide site one of the best monitored in the world - 20/03/1998

A landslide at the Golden Cross Mine at Waihi, on the east coast of New Zealand's North Island, is one of the most thoroughly studied and most comprehensively monitored landslides in the world.

Natural gas field worth second look - geologist - 18/03/1998

A potentially large gas field off the North Island's Wairarapa coast may be big enough to warrant serious exploration, a geologist's report says.