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Scientists study frozen seafloor 'energy' deposits - 17/02/1999

A group of Wellington scientists is studying frozen seafloor deposits that could become an important energy resource in the 21st century.

1998: A summary of the earthquakes - 06/01/1999

New Zealand was fortunate to avoid a large damaging earthquake in 1998, but moderate-sized events occurred, including several in places where we usually record few earthquakes.

Holy (tagged) mackerel, a bonus for fishers - 05/12/1998

A large-scale fish tagging programme in Peru could see some New Zealanders being introduced to Peru's national drink - pisco sour.

GNS nearly doubles its annual profit - 27/10/1998

The Institute of Geological & Nuclear Sciences Limited has almost doubled its after-tax profit to $1,032,000 for the year to June 30. Last year's after-tax profit was $564,000.

Physical evidence of the 17th July tsunami - 07/10/1998

A tsunami with wave heights locally exceeding 15 m was generated by a Ms 7.1 earthquake on 17th July 1998, near Sissano Lagoon, on the northwestern coast of Papua New Guinea.

GNS radiocarbon specialist wins top science award - 06/10/1998

A scientist who played a leading role in building the Southern Hemisphere's first accelerator mass spectrometer has won New Zealand's top science award.

Applied Biostratigraphy of Asia-Pacific Basins - 14/08/1998

Massey University and the Institute of Geological and Nuclear Sciences (GNS) is now accepting the next intake of students for a Master's level course in advanced biostratigraphy.

A clearer picture of the alpine fault's earthquake history - 10/09/1998

Scientists have reached agreement on the dates for the last four large earthquakes on the Alpine Fault, which runs from Milford Sound up the spine of the South Island to Blenheim, 650km to the north.

Pollen expert to help in McCahon inquiry - 08/09/1998

One of New Zealand's most experienced forensic pollen scientists has been called in to help police investigating the theft of a $1.25 million Colin McCahon painting.

Satellite links make for faster earthquake information - 20/08/1998

Scientists will soon have instantaneous access to high-quality information from seismographs around New Zealand thanks to an Australian satellite link.