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Scientists pinpoint meteor explosion - 13/07/1999

Scientists have pinpointed the spot where a meteor exploded over New Zealand last week, but cannot say whether any fragments reached the ground.

Major gathering to discuss Antarctic science - 02/07/1999

More than 300 scientists from 26 countries will descend on New Zealand this week for a six-day conference on Antarctic earth sciences.

Students tie for prestigious earth science scholarship - 25/05/1999

Two post-graduate students will be sharing a $20,000 earth science scholarship award because judges could not separate them.

Science and seafood - natural partners - 13/05/1999

The seafood industry needs to embrace science and technology to increase productivity and the market value of its products, the Chief Executive of the Institute of Geological & Nuclear Sciences Limited (GNS), Andrew West said today.

Seismographs part of nuclear monitoring effort - 12/05/1999

A global network of 170 seismographs, including three in New Zealand territory, will be part of a United Nations initiative to monitor the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty.

New instruments to record earthquakes - 22/04/1999

Scientists plan to install 25 new state-of-the-art earthquake recording instruments throughout the country over the next three months to improve the quality of information recorded during an earthquake.

Blank area of ocean floor gets a good going over - 17/03/1999

French and New Zealand scientists are to spend the next 10 days studying an area of ocean floor off Northland which they describe as one of the least understood parts of the south west Pacific.

Volcanologist wins top overseas job - 16/03/1999

New Zealand scientist Bruce Houghton has been appointed to one of the world’s most prestigious positions in volcanology -- professor of volcanology at the University of Hawaii.

Scientists study NZ's undersea volcanoes - 03/03/1999

New Zealand and American scientists are to spend the next two weeks exploring 10 submarine volcanoes northeast of White Island.

Institute recruits top oceanographer - 17/02/1999

The Institute of Geological & Nuclear Sciences Limited (GNS), has recruited one of the world leading oceanographers to help study the geochemistry of the southern oceans, and the seafloor off New Zealand coast.