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Media Releases

Latest releases and news from our newsroom

The navy and sentry – a powerful combo for marine geology - 26/03/2015

Scientists investigating a large submarine volcano near Raoul Island have gained a better understanding of its formation and its hydrothermal venting

Scientists share their insights on the alpine fault - 24/03/2015

Scientists have underlined the importance of preparedness during a public presentation on the Alpine Fault at Franz Josef Glacier this week.

New geological timescale builds on decades of research - 20/03/2015

Scientists have produced an updated geological timescale for New Zealand going back 540 million years to a period known as the Cambrian.

Students get career insights during science open day - 06/03/2015

GNS Science’s Gracefield campus hosted its fourth annual Hutt Valley school science day on Friday.

Scientists zero in on submarine volcanoes - 02/03/2015

New Zealand and American scientists will use one of the world’s most sophisticated unmanned submarine vehicles during the next three weeks to investigate two seafloor volcanoes in the Kermadec Arc, northeast of Bay of Plenty.

80 million years of history comes to life in guided back country tour - 05/02/2015

There are still places left on a guided tour of the Marlborough back country that includes Mead Stream – one of the geological wonders of New Zealand.

Scientists discover slippery base on underside of tectonic plate - 05/02/2015

Scientists using underground explosions have discovered a previously unknown slippery layer of rock under the Pacific tectonic plate in research which is helping to understand the way tectonic plates work.

Deep Alpine Fault borehole primed with instruments - 14/01/2015

An ambitious project to drill 1.3km into the Alpine Fault has been halted early by equipment problems, but it has still yielded a large amount of useful information about the inner workings of the fault.

Tuesday's quake unlikely to greatly affect the Alpine Fault scientists say - 07/01/2015

Scientists believe this week’s magnitude 6.0 quake west of Arthur’s Pass has not greatly increased the chance of a rupture on the Alpine Fault, about 20km to the west of Tuesday’s epicentre.

Navy and science organisations join forces for seafloor research - 16/12/2014

One of the world’s most advanced autonomous underwater vehicles is coming to New Zealand early in 2015 to explore submarine volcanoes northeast of New Zealand.