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The seesawing climate system - 10/11/2015

New Zealand scientists are part of an international team that has documented duelling ocean and atmospheric heat transport during periods of abrupt climate change.

Prized Maori cloaks to be reconnected to their place of origin - 05/11/2015

Scientists are planning to use geochemical fingerprinting to reveal the origin of prized Māori cloaks that currently have no known connection to a tribe or geographic region of New Zealand.

GNS Science awarded four Marsden grants - 05/11/2015

GNS Science researchers have won Marsden Fund support for four new projects worth a total of $2.5 million over the next three years in the latest round of the ideas-driven research fund announced this week.

Sea-level rise higher than expected, GNS-VUW research shows - 15/10/2015

New research confirms the likelihood of a substantial rise in global sea-level in the future if greenhouse gas emissions continue, and highlights the moral significance of decisions made now about mitigating climate change.

Scientists find formula for rate of glacial erosion - 09/10/2015

It’s a truism that mathematical relationships are present nearly everywhere in nature, probably more than we realise. The latest place they have turned up is on the underside of glaciers.

New map reveals secrets of previously unknown offshore region - 25/09/2015

Scientists have returned from a three-week mission to map the seafloor of the Colville Ridge, northeast of Auckland, as part of a long-term programme to survey regions within New Zealand’s offshore territory considered prospective for seafloor minerals.

New book details exploits of NZ’s first government geologist - 19/09/2015

A new biography of early Hutt Valley resident James Hector, details the extraordinary life and career of a man who was the go-to expert in pre-1900 New Zealand for everything from public health to patent licences.

Darfield quake the impetus for many science advances - 03/09/2015

This week marks the fifth anniversary of the magnitude 7.1 Darfield earthquake in Canterbury. It caused widespread damage and power outages in Canterbury and while there were no fatalities, two people were seriously injured.

Smart modelling to help with aquifer management 03/09/2015

Smart modelling techniques are going to provide the horsepower behind a range of new methods to improve the management of New Zealand’s aquifers.

New research programme aims to lift oil and gas exploration success rate - 03/09/2015

GNS Science has been awarded funding for a four-year research programme to improve the chances of finding oil and gas accumulations in New Zealand’s sedimentary basins.