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Media Releases

Latest releases and news from our newsroom

World first probe of submarine volcano gets underway - 07/05/2018

An international team of scientists with several New Zealand participants will drill into a hydrothermally active submarine volcano northeast of White Island in a bid to learn more about how metals move through the Earth’s crust and find out about the life forms that live in these extreme environments. 

Tapping into New Zealand’s sleeping giant - 04/05/2018

Stretching down the length of the North Island’s east coast lies a sleeping geological giant - the Hikurangi subduction zone. It is New Zealand’s largest and most active plate boundary, where the Pacific Plate subducts beneath the Australian Plate, giving rise to large earthquakes and tsunamis.

Iconic landscape images on display at Upper Hutt gallery - 02/04/2018

An exhibition of images by one of New Zealand’s leading landscape photographers opens at Expressions Gallery in Upper Hutt this weekend.

Scientists prepare for school camp in Masterton in May - 26/04/2018

Staff from GNS Science have been in Masterton this week finalising arrangements for a hands-on science event for intermediate-age and college students in Wairarapa.

New Zealand’s first offshore observatories are now recording from inside our largest fault - 18/04/2018

Two world-class subseafloor observatories are now operating at the northern Hikurangi subduction zone where the Pacific Plate dives beneath the North Island, thanks to an international team of earth scientists and engineers.

Experts gather to discuss isotope technologies - 26/03/2018

 Isotope science experts from all over the world are in Wellington this week to share the latest developments in measuring things that are far too small to see yet have an impact on our lives every day. 

Prestigious fellowship awarded to NZ marine geologist to study seafloor minerals - 13/03/2018

Marine geologist Christian Timm, of GNS Science, has been awarded a prestigious Marie Skłodowska-Curie Research Fellowship from the European Commission to study the evolution of metallic minerals on the seafloor in the Kermadec Arc.

Deep-sea observatories will offer a new vision into earthquakes - 09/03/2018

An ambitious mission to lower two sub-seafloor observatories into the Hikurangi subduction zone east of the North Island to study New Zealand’s largest fault starts this weekend.

Science careers showcased at open day for students - 02/03/2018

One hundred and twenty students and teachers from high schools in the Hutt Valley got a first-hand look at science careers today at the annual student science day at GNS Science’s National Isotope Centre at Gracefield.

Major study on geothermal potential to get underway in May - 23/02/2018

A research project aiming to define opportunities for developing geothermal heat supply at likely prospects along the length of the West Coast will get underway in May.