Refining our target

As our soil sampling has proceeded, we've been able to refine our visual target for sites. We're trying to find sites that naturally collect sediment from a significant uphill area with both human occupation and agriculture. As we've proceeded, our skill has improved at finding sites that collect sediment efficiently without being scoured out during major floods. This site was nearly ideal. It samples a large area upstream of gorge in the background.

The exact location we sampled showed evidence of almost continuous soil burial, but had to be chosen carefully because areas directly downstream of the gorge appeared to be scoured out during floods.In the sample shown, the core is composed entirely of material dark enough to be a topsoil, but the sample is from 1.2 - 1.5 m below the soil surface. Throughout most of the island, soils at this depth would be light reddish brown.


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Troy Baisden

Was Collapse Inevitable on Easter Island (Rapa Nui)? Reconstructing a Civilisation's Failure is a Marsden Programme Troy Baisden is involved in.

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