Where in NZ Most marine and some terrestrial rocks.
When Late Cambrian (500 million years ago) to present
Scale Range from microscopic to c. 2 m

What are they?

  • Ammonite, Puti Point, Kawhia

    Ammonite, Puti Point, Kawhia

    Animals typically with shells
  • Molluscs live in a range of environments such as terrestrial forests and freshwater streams, lakes, the rocky shore and the deepest oceans.
  • The most common fossil molluscs from New Zealand are marine.
    • Bivalves - such as pipis, cockles and scallops
    • Gastropods - snails and slugs
    • Scaphopods - tusk shells
    • Polyplacophora - chitons
    • Cephalopods - octopus, squid, nautiloids, ammonites and belemnites

Used for:

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