Microscopic algae-like organisms.

Where in NZ Uncommon.
When Middle Eocene to Pliocene age (45-3 million years old)
Scale 0.07 to 0.25 mm, although most specimens are less than 0.15 mm

What are they?

  • pg 14 - bulboform GNS


    An extinct group of microscopic organisms believed to be related to marine algae.
  • Generally hollow, rounded chambers, made of calcite, and can have complicated surface features such as spines, knobs, and ridges.
  • Can easily be mistaken for simple single-chambered foraminifera or radiolarians.

Used for?

  • Our best bolboform record comes from an Upper Miocene 11 to 8 million year old drill section in the southern Tasman Sea, about 270 km west of central New Zealand, where they are very useful biostratigraphic markers.

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