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Discover Hidden Worlds 2018


This programme is targeted at 10 to 13-year-old students (years 79, intermediate or junior secondary) along with teachers and other educators in the Masterton area.

What will participants learn?
The GeoCamp will involve hands-on and field-based investigations that will open up a world of amazing secrets hidden in the Wairarapa area.

Through team work and inquiry participants will find out about:

1)       Amazing rocks that tell us of ancient ocean worlds now uplifted to become land
2)       Active landscapes and colliding tectonic plates,
3)       Where our geological resources come from
4)       The rock record of deep geological time
5)       The science and art of reading a landscape
6)       Environmental change
7)       Climate and sea-level change through time

Telling the story During the GeoCamp participants will have plenty of time to develop fun and interesting ways to share their new knowledge with their community in the ‘Discover Hidden Worlds Expo’ in Masterton on the 19th May 2018. This will be open to public and whanau to come and see great science discoveries made by the GeoCamp participants.

Supported by GNS Science, REAP Wairarapa, Statoil, OMV NZ Ltd and Chevron .

Download the poster here: GeoCamp_Poster2018.pdf (2.03 MB)