Photo supplied by PlentyFlora.

PlentyFlora, Rotorua

PlentyFlora’s gerberas are grown with the help of geothermal energy that is utilised to heat the greenhouse, and offset the harsh winter conditions. The greenhouse space is heated by geothermal energy from two shallow geothermal bores. Geothermally heated water is circulated through small iron pipes adjacent to the plants providing heat to the plants and the air in the greenhouse.

  • PlentyFlora – Case Study (pdf)
mokai glasshouses

Gourmet Mokai, Taupo

Tomatoes and capsicums are grown in 12 hectares of geothermally-heated greenhouses by Gourmet Mokai Ltd. The heat for the glasshouse is supplied from geothermal fluids discharged from well MK-2, owned by the Tuaropaki Power Company.