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Abstract – Wright NZSEE Conference 2013

Wright, K.C., Cousins, W.J., Leonard, G.S., Johnston, D.M., Fraser, S., 2013, When engineering isn’t enough – planning for immediate evacuation following major subduction zone earthquakes. in proceedings, New Zealand Society for Earthquake Engineering Technical Conference, Wellington, New Zealand, 26-28 April, 2013. Poster Paper P-64. 8 p.

ABSTRACT: Despite decades of building strengthening and more robust building codes, there exists a significant residual risk to the people of Wellington Region from a major earthquake and tsunami event on the offshore subduction zone. Strong shaking will result in widespread damage displacing people from homes and other structures, and will also trigger (self) evacuation of the designated tsunami evacuation zones. Modelling of damage to structures and tsunami self-evacuation indicates that up to 116,000 people could be displaced immediately following the event. Many will be able to return to their homes following the tsunami all-clear but for the immediate interim, safe shelter will be required.

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